Daisy went to the groomers and when we went to pick her up, she was wearing lovely bows on her ears.





IMG_1859 IMG_1856

Sonny built me this outdoor plant stand out of the pallets that our mulch was delivered on.  We bought pavers for it to stand on and for the top.  Mom used to say, “Waste not, want not”.  I planted Mini Lavender, Balloon flowers and Petunias.  The two perennials I will put in the ground in the fall.






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Just some of my garden flowers.  I went out to deadhead some and discovered my new rose bush in blossom and the Iris had been blown over by the wind, so I cut it and brought it inside.  The yellow is Tree Peony and the Mountain Laurel is almost in full bloom.  Deer spray leaves white spots on the roses, but the deer do not seem to mind the thorns, they just munch away.












I’m glad this one is finished.  The embroidery is so dense that it is too stiff and the diamond panels have heat and bond ironed on which make them stiff as well.  I saw it in a magazine and thought it would be nice to do.  It was, but will be good only to hang and look at.