We are back at it again.  This time it is the hall/entry that we are redoing.  We tore the first layer of wallpaper off and tomorrow we are renting a steamer to remove the next layer of it.  Then will come new ceiling lights and doors and trim.  It was a cold snowy day with whiteouts and blustery winds outside, so the mood hit me and I was off and running.  (Or I should say tearing)  Will is studying Finland, so they came over to collect some Finnish things and to experience the Sauna followed by a cold shower.  Even Abby tried it out, but didn’t last long, so we read a couple books.



Been having so much fun learning to machine quilt on my Bernina with the BSR!  I am not ready for show and tell yet.  Maybe when I start actually quilting on the block of the month quilt, then I will post pictures (good or bad).  The BSR takes a lot of the stress out of having to try to keep the stitches even while watching where I am going next.  It will take a lot of practice even so.  That is why I haven’t posted lately, been busy practicing what I am learning on the classes by Leah Day.


My new addition

This is the new addition to the quilt studio/work room.  It is used (32 hours) and has the BSR which should, or is supposed to, help my quilting have more even stitches.  That remains to be seen.  I have been taking a class on machine quilting on by Leah Day.  If I like the Bernina, I may swap up to a newer model at a later date.  The one I bought is a 2010.