Lily is reading Raggedy Ann and Andy stories to Raggedy Ann and Andy.  This was my only sewing project this Christmas.





It was a year ago just a week before Christmas that we took a ride out east of Cleveland to bring Daisy back home.  She cried all the way home and we got stuck in traffic.  She is a joy and a pain like all good pups.  She likes to be where we are working, either in the sewing room with me or out in the wood shop with Sonny.  We comb her hair most every day now to keep her from getting knots in her hair.  She sheds as she is a first litter doodle.  Wouldn’t trade her for anything.   I tried to get her to put the piece of bone down that she has in her mouth in this picture, but she was not in a co-operative mood.



Today was decorate the tree day.  It was done with a 10′ step ladder. The tree is 10′ and a Cannon Fir that we bought at a tree farm a few miles from our house.  We took a wagon ride up to the fields where trees were planted, but they were all smaller than what we were looking for.  It gives a little fragrance to the living room and we are hoping that it holds the needles through to the New Year.  Merry Christmas everyone!