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We went to the Hershey Quilt Show with Sonny’s daughter and granddaughter.  Pictures do not do these quilts justice as they were so beautifully quilted.  It was hard to choose which ones to post.  Maybe I will add more another time. I was freshly inspired to try harder to quilt better.




The old drywall is now off!  Took 15 minutes to cut and carry out the rest of the drywall today!  Now I am getting excited.  We planned the closet for my sewing stuff today.  It is going to be larger than the one I now am using.  It will be nice to have all my work spaces so close together.  I am beginning to plan where everything will go in this new quilting room.  The computer, the sewing machine in the cabinet, the dressers full of sewing, quilting and knitting supplies, plus the counted cross stitch things as well.  This will be an adventure!  I am even planning a design wall which I was not able to have in the smaller room.  Also a table in the middle of the floor for sandwiching quilts.  Now I am praying for God to give me a long arm quilter.  The earth is the Lord’s and all it contains!  Faith is the substance  of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.



 Saw this as I was closing the drapes last night.  The sunset on the lake must have been beautiful although I didn’t see it.  God paints such beautiful pictures!  He is a generous God pouring out blessing upon blessing.  So much so that He sent his only begotten son to die in our place.


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The Room is progressing nicely.  Slow but sure.  The room as we now refer to it as is to possibly be my new sewing room.  That will free up a much roomier spare bedroom for guests.  I’m on a hunt for a nice bedroom set for that room, but am not in too big a hurry as there is much to be done first.  Daisy is not sure what is happening, but is adjusting better with the construction each day.  We will need to cut the drywall just below the black glue lines because it is not removable from behind the heaters.  Just means an extra seam to plaster and a little skimming just above the heaters.



Sonny is able to take the drywall off with pulling out the nails and then removing in whole sheets.  That old nail puller is a real blessing.  It makes very little mess to clean up.  That will not be the case when I get to sanding plaster on the new dry wall.  I will seal doors and the opening between the kitchen and here before starting.  That should cut down considerably on the amount of dust that gets in the rest of the house.