Not the best pictures, but went out last night and took these of the super moon.  They say it looks the best in the early morning, but I do not get around to be out and about too early any more.  Just wanted to see if I could get a picture that would show up with my little camera.  A photographer I am not.




Today Sonny was busy in the woodshop working on the trailer cover. He has a little fine tuning and he will be ready for screws and glue and he will shop for some hinges and the lifts.  It seems to go faster than I thought it might.  Yeah!   So, I went to the sewing room to sew another block.  Can’t say that this is one of my favorite blocks, but next is the Ohio Star and I am excited about that one.  I have always wanted to make that block.  The other quilt that I am working on has a star block as well for the next one.