This Azalea was planted last year and this year it was full of blooms.


Thanks to Jonathan Putman for asking me what his Tree Peony was, I am also the owner of one.  It doubled in size and blossomed for the first time this spring.  Although this picture does not do it justice, it is a beautiful blossom and love the foliage.


IMG_9696 IMG_9703

Today I was truly blessed with a combination Birthday and Mother’s Day dinner, cake, cards, more beautiful flowers and a stand to keep my computer off from my lap.  The grandchildren love Birthday parties, so they could hardly wait for the cake, even Abby who is “2” as she proudly will tell you, was saying “cake”! Lily is singing scripture verses and counting by 10’s to a hundred.  She is now in a booster seat and has taken to the back seat.  Will made a picture for his Mom and me in Sunday school this morning with balloons. : )