This bathroom was in a 4′ X 8′ space. There was a sink on the wall, a linen closet and shower, plus a water closet.  It was just too crowded.  So the wrecking crew (me) went to work.  Then we got to the shower base which I had no clue what it was made of.  Since Sonny informed me it was concrete and would need to be sawed up so he could move it out, I decided the rest was up to him.  Then we rolled it outside on his dolly piece by piece.  Now we are in a hunt for a new vanity.  We will make it a half bath which will better fit the space.  He has re-wiring and moving plumbing to do and replace some sheet rock (wall board) before I get back in there to work on the walls.  The top layer of the wallpaper came off easy, but I will have to spritz the under paper to remove it.  Then comes the spackling and painting and new floor before the new fixtures go in. Thinking of ceramic tile for the floor.


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