We have a changed puppy now thanks to an invention called the Gentle Leader.  It does not hurt the dog like regular collars do and she walks real nice the second try.  Unbelievable !  If the dog you own pulls you or “takes you for a walk” instead of you walking the dog, try one!  You will be glad you did.  It comes with very good directions for putting it on and adjusting it and many other training tips as well.  My Goldendoodle has adjusted to it real quick.



IMG_9048This wall hanging is called Garden Time.  I like the fabrics with butterflies, daisies and bees.  Also, there are dragon flies in two of the prints and in the white background.  I just happened to find the white with them on it while I was visiting a new quilt shop that sells my kind of machine.  It was a small shop with very limited amount of fabric and so I think it was meant to be.



Will is in Cub Scouts and the time for making a car for the Pinewood Derby was today.  He had a good time painting it after Grandpa cut it out for him. Eric helped with all the design and weights etc.  Even Bethany was instrumental in helping to show us what style it should be and Lily came to watch.  And not to forget Abby who tried her best not to be overcome with Daisy.   We will all be excited to see his car in the big race this next Saturday.


IMG_9013Daisy had her first ride to the Vet. the other day and she loved the ride and was a real charmer to everyone.  She got a good report and even had her nails done while there.  She had two shots and one pill to take care of all the things that shouldn’t be in her life.  She is a bundle of energy and we are kept busy keeping up with her when she is awake.  Since she is still a puppy, she takes nice naps.