IMG_8855The top is finally finished.  These embroidery designs were the biggest challenge yet for machine embroidery.  I now am thinking about how to piece the back as I have quite a bit of  fabric left.  Then how to quilt it.  More pictures to come.



We quite often go to Farmer’s Markets in the summer.  This sleigh was one of my finds at one of them.  I had wanted one for a long time and just stumbled on this one.  The price was right and so it came home with us.


This morning we spent going to the Westlake Craft Show, and bought nothing.  We enjoyed the Rocky River Nature Center Quilt show after that and saw many beautiful quilts.  The second one pictured was Sonny’s choice, but I chose the first one pictured because it was old and had dogwood blossoms on it, yet all these were nicely done and very pretty. The ones pictured were all hand quilted except the one Sonny chose, it was quilted on a long arm quilting machine I believe.


Is there anyone that can paint a picture as beautiful as God?  The trouble is, no one can capture on canvas or film or otherwise the beauty that the eye beholds in nature.  Although many do a very good job of trying, unlike me.  While cooking dinner last night, I looked out the kitchen window and saw on one side of the tree that the sky was pink and on the other side it was blue.  I wonder if that is where the expression, “sky blue pink” comes from?  The colors were much brighter than I have captured by running out the front door and snapping a picture of it.