Lily was here today and we did things with the computer and made these pumpkin turkeys.  She is full of energy and is always willing to do most of what I suggest to her.  We are thinking about Christmas, but haven’t forgotten the holiday that comes first.  Last year she told me about people who forget holidays.  She just turned 5.  We have such fun together! : )



Sonny is running wire from the garage to the basement so we can have heat from the generator  that we bought yesterday.  They say that the weather is going to turn colder with the coming storm and we wanted to save what is in the freezer and refridge.  Hoping we do not have to use it, but will be there for future storms as well.  He is wiring it so all we need do is turn the switch to regular power off and plug the wire from the generator in.  He can open the garage door and move it outside and close the garage door again.  It will run 12 hours before it needs to be refilled. Three oil lamps ready to light and flashlights ready as well.  We usually do not lose our water and even have hot water because of gas hot water heater.  Also have a gas cook stove in the basement for cooking.  Lots of food in the house, and gas tanks full.  Stay safe everyone.


This part of the kitchen is finally finished.  We are planning on putting a new back door and then finish the cupboard for the dining area and this room will be finished.  It’s time to relax and enjoy some fellowship with visitors and travel a bit before getting into much more work.  All work and no play – – –  you know.


Sonny & I went up to the lake to capture pictures of the sunset on the lake to celebrate our anniversary.  We got there a few minutes late to get the best ones according to a nice lady that we met on the pier.  She sat there with her dog and as we began to talk to her, we learned that she had lost her husband in April.  We were able to share our story and had a nice visit with her.


Not the last rose of summer, but the last of the Hydrangea for this year.  I planted 3 different kinds of them since moving here and they blossomed a little in spite of the dry weather.  They were just much smaller than they should have been.  The one that looks red is a dwarf one and is quite pretty in the garden as well as in the house.  It will be interesting to see if it holds any of the color as it dries.