Moving right along.  The open space is for one of the additional drawers.  We are waiting on plywood to arrive so Sonny can build the box for it,  Next week, Lord willing we will start on the kitchen part of them.



This was a DIY project that we started to do a long time ago.  After the top half was finished, we stopped for spring and summer.  With the cooler weather we decided to get busy and finish them.  These old cupboards needed a clean look, so we are painting them.  My granddaughter was over the other day and she helped me take things out of the cupboards and put contact paper on the shelves.   What a blessing she is!   I will end up with two more drawers than I had before.  It is a long story, so I will not bore you with it.  ( Whoever you is)  I have only the bottom ones left in the kitchen area, as I am finishing the dining room side today.  When they are all finished, I will shout for joy!


Thought of my friend Bonnie today as I was taking this picture.  She always bought her home decor at Big Lots and it always looked like she had spent a lot of money.  This center piece came from – – Big Lots!  After shopping at all the places I thought would have something nice, I ended up at Big Lots which is less than 5 mins. from home.