Sonny invited me to an afternoon by the lake where I  took some pictures and we walked and gazed at the lake.  We watched a kayak being drawn in with it’s owner by another kayak.  One man in the water and the other paddling all the way to shore where they tipped the kayak over and dumped the water out of it.  Saw fishermen come in and load their boat.  It was a beautiful afternoon to be by the lake.  The city in the picture was hazy, but we were way out west and my camera lens is not that powerful.  It was a relaxing afternoon.



We took a mini-vacation this week and went to Amish country, Oh.  Sonny’s favorite place was Keim Lumber Co.  in Charm.  It was a beautiful store with all kinds of lumber from many different countries.  They even had the lumber Sonny has wanted for a long time to make certain projects and they will deliver up here.  My favorite places were the nice quilt shops, where I found 30’s fabric. The weather was good and the food excellent.  How good it was just to get away from work for a few days.


It was sewing day for Lily.  She made a doll pillow to go with the quilt we had made when she sewed before.  Also she made the teddy bear and we stuffed it.  Her attention span was then all used up so we went out to see Grandpa and he was cleaning out the storm drain out back in the woods.  After that we sat on the patio and talked about chattering squirrels.  She tried to make sounds like she thought they would sound and she came pretty close.  After playing catch and taking pictures, it was time to take her home.