These are not the best photos ever but will give you some idea of my learning to use “Aunt Becky”, a hand quilting tool that saves getting  callused fingers under the quilt where the needle once pricked my finger too many times.   With “Aunt Becky” you prick her instead.  It is a metal tool that fits over you fingers and does much of the work for you.  I have found that what my father used to say was and is true, if first you don’t succeed, try, try again.  When I first bought “Aunt Becky” I thought I would never break old habits, but thought I would try again and by God’s grace, I am learning to use her.  If you are a hand quilter, give her a try.  She will cause you to have evener stitches.  I am hoping for better ones as I get more and more used to using her.  She can be found on line by just doing a search of “Aunt Becky”.  There are also videos showing you how to use this handy tool.



My granddaughter decided she wanted to learn how to sew.  She is only 4, so what or more the case how to teach her to sew is the question.  I have tried to think of things that would be fun for her to participate in.  We have made two pincushions together, she has tried her hand at a needle and thread, and she has actually sewn on my sewing machine.  We had to put the foot pedal on a stool for her so she could reach.  She has learned to stop the machine and remove pins before continuing to sew.  (She especially likes putting pins in the pincushion)  We started a doll quilt and finished row 1 and pressed.  I lower the ironing board and watch closely that she doesn’t touch anything except the handle of the iron.  I will set the machine up to embroidery this week and hope she enjoys watching what lovely things can be stitched.  Also I will be on a hunt to find something in the form of a kit that is made for her age.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I would like very much to hold her interest.  It matters not to me if she actually learns to sew at this age, it matters more that her interest is stirred at the possibilities of things that could be made if she learns to sew as she gets older.  So far I have two granddaughters that have shown an interest in needlework of one kind or another and since I do most of the common ones, that pleases me.  Not to say that the interests of the other grandchildren please me any less.  God makes us all so different and isn’t that wonderful!


What a wonderful day with the children and grandchildren.  They so love parties  and can hardly wait for the party to come.  ( The grandchildren that is)  Lily asked if we knew what was for desert twice during dinner.  Eric is getting to be pretty good at the outdoor grill .  We feasted on steak and sausage, carrots, baked potatoes and a delicious brownie sundae with fresh raspberries, ice-cream and whipped  cream.  Bethany has a way of making every party seem special.  Praise God for family!


I have been busy of late hand quilting on the queen size quilt that I started back in State Line, Pa.  I am enjoying the light of my sun room here with the skylights.  It gives such good light and I can see the pattern markings so well.  I am hoping to finish it before fall and cold weather comes as there is no heat out there.  Maybe down the road sometime, but too many other projects for now.  I must tell you what inspired me to start quilting again.  My granddaughter wants to learn to sew and she came last week and she sewed on my sewing machine.  She is only 4, but I was amazed at how well she did.  I taught her how to thread a hand needle and tie a knot.  I think it will be a while until she can manage that on her own, but we will keep trying.  She managed to sew a little seam by hand  and pressed it with a warm iron on the lowered ironing board.  We put the sewing machine pedal on a stool so she could reach.  She sat on my lap for her first lesson, but I think she is ready to sit in the chair alone this next time.  She did some machine “fancy” stitches on the machine as well as straight stitching.  We both had a fun time and decided to do more sewing next week.  Together we made a heart-shaped pincushion and stuffed it with unwashed wool as we talked about different things we could make if we learn to sew.  It brought back memories of learning things of needlework when I was a girl.  Precious memories – how they linger. : )