This old rocking chair is a new chair for us.  We bought it last night from Craigslist.  It had a very worn seat that matched the back until I tore it out this morning.  As you can see the back is going to be replaced as well.  It had a horsehair seat with webbing and burlap and cotton batting under the upholstery fabric.  I especially like the pineapple at the top of the back, which appears to be carved.  I have no idea of the history or the age and would like very much to find out something about it.   Planning on having some fun with the redoing of it.  Not sure, but maybe will do it ourselves.  I will post pictures of it again when it is finished, but don’t expect it too soon.


May is my favorite time of year for many reasons.  It can always be counted on for at least some warm sunny days, the perennials that I plant the summer before begin to blossom. It is the month I was born in and in it is a day set aside to honor mothers.  My mother- in -law does not always know who we are when we visit her and my mother is in heaven . Mom liked Clematis flowers, so I planted one the first year I was here.  May is the time to plant flowers for the summer. It is the time to open up the windows and air out the house from the winters stuffiness and to wash off the dirt from them.  The bees begin to work on the blossoms and the Holly bushes blossom with the promise of berries in the fall and winter.  May reminds me of when I was a girl and planting flower seeds and having a hard time waiting for my Birthday to come to plant them.  Dad would always say, “Jeannie they won’t come up if you plant them before, it is too cold yet”.  I remember swinging under the Catalpa tree and putting the blossoms on my fingers and pretending to be a pretty lady.  I would curl up in the warm sun with my kittens and snooze.  May is a time for remembering and a time for making new memories and I am looking forward to that!


This is the first year for this Rhododendron, but it has a lot of flowers.  Lots of yard work, but beautiful weather to do it in.  Been tearing out old and planting new and replanting some that were here.  As you can see there has been an abundance of maple seeds falling from the trees this year.