The light creamy yellow tulips are just opening as it has been cold, they are now at a standstill.

The red tulips are trying hard to open, they just need a warm sunny day, maybe Sunday.   Notice the tops of the leaves look like they have been cut off, but actually the deer ate them off.  That was before the fence went around the back yard.

This Lenten Rose is the one that seeded from another plant  and the blossom color is different than the plant it came from.

These are inside African Violets.  They decided to bloom just in time for Easter.  This is the first time this one has blossomed since moving from Southern Pa. over a year and a half ago.  I actually thought these were going to die, but they made it.

This one is also doing better for the first time since moving.  I cut leaves to start new plants, as the old ones are in need of much help as far as shape and stability are concerned.


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