LENTEN ROSE (Helleborus)

Today  we visited some local nurseries to get a feel of where to buy the healthiest plants and shrubs.  We purchased some Holly bushes and a dwarf Rhododendron for our back garden, but I am still very much fascinated by a new plant to me called the Lenten Rose.  I have found that it comes in a variety of colors and is about the first to bloom here in the spring.  I ordered a plant today on Amazon which has double blossoms and has many colors on the same plant.  Should be fun to watch grow and blossom.  Amazon has others, but they will have to wait for another year. We have three plants that were here when we bought the place, two were large and bloom nicely, one is a plant that seeded from them which I have moved to another garden and so far it has two blossoms and is growing more foliage.  Since the blossoms tip their heads as  if bowing, it is a little difficult to get a good picture of them.  They make nice cut flower bouquets for the table and last a long time compared to other cut flowers.



Below are some things that indicate an abusive leadership in a church. 
  1. No real accountability of the leadership to the corporate body, resulting in a repressive monarchical (autocratic, dictatorship) or oligarchical form of government;
  2. Hand-picked sub-leaders, based on their demonstration of submissiveness to the ultimate leader rather than on the basis of their leadership skills, spirituality, and anointing and appointment by God;
  3. Pervasive abuse and misuse of authority in personal dealings with members to coerce submission.

The Lenten Rose plants are in bloom.   They just bow their pretty heads, so to get a picture I had to tip its head up a bit.  I went out to take this picture to try something my daughter, who is a photographer, told me to do.  I guess I will have to get the book out and learn how to use this camera.  I learned the basics, but not to use all that the camera is capable of.