The first section is done and oodles more to go.  In the picture they look grey, but they are actually a very light tan called Ivory Putman.  I’m sure I will be glad when they are completed.  Not my favorite job in the refurbishing of this old house. ( P.S. We kept the same doors. )



Getting ready to give the kitchen cupboards a new look.  Since I’m not fond of dark wood, I am painting them.  When I get one section finished, I will post another picture. ( P.S. The picture will be a few days, as we ordered the hardware and it will take an extra 4-5 days for delivery.)

Chinese Prayers : )

Sonny is doing some prep work on the toe kick of the kitchen cupboards.  We decided to finish what we started and do the kitchen cupboards before getting into tearing paneling off from the family room walls.  I have decided on the style doors and now looking at cabinet hardware and thinking on color to paint them.  I couldn’t resist this photo.


We attended the Marriage Conference at our church last weekend.  It was a good time.  Things we already had known before through books that we had read and also from life experiences, but it was and always is good to be reminded of them again.  We become complacent and take our spouses for granted all too often.  This stirred us up to work harder at our relationship.  Sue sewed the banner and was in charge of the decorations and food  and she did a super job, with much help from Brad.  Thanks you two!