Just a simple prayer for a prosperous and healthy new year to all of you who read this blog.  To all my family and friends and to those who I may not know who visit here, I pray that you who do know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior will know Him more and to those who do not know Him, this will be the year that you will acknowledge your need of a Savior.  I make no New Year’s  resolutions, just seek to respond to the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit in my life.  


These ornaments (the red and white ones) were fun to make.  They are Finnish Christmas ornaments made from memory book paper and buttons.  Since the latest set of grandchildren came along, I wanted them to know a little about their grandmother’s family who came from Finland.  I am told that the Finnish people use a lot of red in their homes, especially at Christmas time.  


Today you could hear the happy sound of “Dada” and the smell of cookies and Grammy’s Rye bread baking in the kitchen.  Abby is a happy baby and is a joy to have visit.  Lily had cut her own hair this morning and quite proud of it.  The swim instructor had given her reindeer food, so before she left she put some under the tree out front.  Will longs to take the Tonka trucks home with him.