We are finally finished with most of the bathroom.  Just some finishing touches to add.  The first four pictures shows the old counter top and cabinet before paint. The last four the new lights, counter top make over, painted cabinet and shower door with painted walls instead of wallpaper.



Getting the vanity back together is the last step of the bathroom makeover.  It will seem good to clean up and put things back in place.  Guess we will take time to celebrate the upcoming holidays.  As, Lily pointed out, the people who are decorating for Christmas must have forgotten a holiday.


Sonny asked me to go out ( date day 🙂 ) to a quilt show today at the Rocky River Quilt Show.  It was small, but there was some really nice quilts there.  It was held in the building you can see in the pictures below.  We had to park a little far from the building, but it was a super nice day for a walk.  There is a new slide show on the quilt slide show page.


Sometimes God knits together hearts and no matter the distance or the time that separates them, they are never forgotten.  Quite the opposite, they are often in our thoughts.  Recently a dear friend of mine has been on my mind and I have prayed for her much.  I must have been on hers as well, as she sent me this book with a short inscription written in the cover.  God knows and brings to our minds those who need a prayer, a gift that says, I’m thinking of you.  This was one of those times.