Even though we were small in numbers, we feasted, thanks to Bethany, Eric & Joe and Bonnie.  The movie was even more impressive watching it again.  It is a good reminder of how people gave their lives to give us the gospel and the freedom to worship God who saves by grace, not by works.  Thanks to Eric and Bethany for their initiative in this.

 There was unity in prayer this morning and confirmation to what some of us were hearing from the Holy Spirit.  Praise God for the opportunity to tell of His wonderful works in the congregation. Ps. 107: 32 Let them extol Him in the congregation of the people and praise Him in the assembly of the elders.



While Sonny has been cutting the ceramic tile for the kitchen back splash, I have been tearing off wallpaper and removing old things in the bathroom getting ready to paint and install new lights.  There were a couple of tiles that I needed to remove and replace,  Had two left here that match,  God is good!


The world celebrates Halloween almost as much as Christians celebrate Christmas and sometimes more.  As Christians, some of us remember the reformation instead, thanks to my daughter-in-law who has made it a tradition to celebrate this day with her children and has extended it to the Community Group at our church this year.  Who knows where it will go from there.  I imagine there are others who celebrate or remember the Reformation.  I would very much like to hear from you.


This morning was a brisk sunny October day and I went out to get some pictures of what is right around our house.  The colors were vibrant in the morning sunlight.  What God has given us eyes to see, it is hard to capture on camera.  Pictures He alone can create.  Can you imagine what it will look like in heaven?