Fall is in the air, the leaves are falling and the breeze tells me that cooler weather is here.  I notice that with the falling of the leaves and the cooler weather there is the promise of spring on the dogwood tree and other tress and bushes.  The new buds which will be flowers in the spring are formed on them. Like the death that comes in the fall to all that was, even so in death, we have the promise of resurrection life both physically and spiritually.  I have seen God in nature and so love going outside to see what He is doing presently.   How can anyone not see God in all we see?  Watch the flowers open to the sunlight in the spring and the birds have their young, the leaves turn beautiful red, yellows and bronze, see the pure white snow cover the barren earth in winter and see the flowers popping open as the snow melts in the spring.  Who but God?





Today our Community Group Leaders and Pastor moved into their new home.  It was an exciting day for us all.  I was impressed with the assembly line that brought things down the stairs.  Caught Jonathan up in the attic getting down some things that were in storage.  We all ate lunch on their new screened back porch.  We are a bunch of tired happy people tonight.