always a farmer.  Sonny spent yesterday afternoon prying out the large roots that remained in the back garden and today he is tilling out the smaller ones.  He is getting the ground ready for the fence and to plant new shurbs in the spring.  What a husband!


Today Sonny rented a stump grinder and he ground up the tree stumps from the trees he cut earlier this summer.  While we had the machine here, he ground up tree roots in the front yard where the people who lived here before had cut down.  There was a lot of large roots left.  Now comes the replanting of grass and in the spring we hope to plant shrubs out in the back where the trees once stood.  It has been a long day and we are both tired, but it’s a good tired.


Maybe it’s the cool weather, maybe it’s because I am feeling a little better?  At any rate, I found myself in my sewing room working on a project that has been in the back of my mind for about 5 months at least.  There will be pieced borders around these embroidered pieces and then sashing between them to make the quilt.  I expect this to be a long time in the making.   


This hummingbird had been to the feeder several times, before I had the camera with me.  It isn’t the best video ever, but it came in for a late snack and I was able to catch a few pictures of it.  They are fast and it is hard to get the camera focused before they are gone again.  They zoom through our backyard two at a time sometimes.  So far I have seen three different colored ones here.