Sunday is Mother’s Day.  My mom is in heaven and Sonny’s mom is in a nursing home and she doesn’t usually know anyone, yet she has not lost her sense of humor, nor her excitement for adventure.  They tell us she makes her way down the hall in her wheel chair and would escape the place if not for the caring nurses who stop her and take her back.  We are so grateful for the care she is receiving.  The family she has that lives close by visit her regularly and once in a while she will call them by name as if her memory is there, yet the next moment she is somewhere else altogether.  She recently said that she was going to give her Buick car to Sonny because of the bees in his old van which she said he could only get them out by burning them out.  (She never had a Buick and Sonny never had bees in his van)  She seems to always have just traveled somewhere as family ask her how she is doing. She gave birth to eight children, buried two, lost her house to fire and buried two husbands. It was her faith that kept her going.  When her second daughter passed away, it was she who told me, we have to keep on going. She has always been available for all her children. She turned 93 in March of this year.  We are looking forward to visiting her when we go to the Buchanan reunion next week.   


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