I went out to enjoy the sun and cut a small bouquet of flowers out of my garden.  The red tulip and the light colored daffodils were some I planted last fall. The daffodils were given to me as a going away gift from a girl in our Care Group in Frederick.  The Hyacinth and bright yellow daffodils were here and a pleasant surprise this spring.  This is my favorite time of year.  Love it!



A brother in the Lord offered to let me read this book which is one in a series that John Piper wrote about saints of old.  They tell us how God used imperfect people to do extraordinary things.  It was a very encouraging book to read, since I am a sinner who struggles with sin every day. I am looking forward to reading the rest of these books.  It gave me a hunger to read about these saints in greater measure, to know of their lives.  “The swans are not silent”, they still speak to us today and encourage us in out journey toward Christ and in being faithful to the call of the Lord in our own lives, knowing that the strength comes from Him. He is best able to show Himself strong, when we recognize our weakness and depend upon Him.


The Easter egg hunt was held indoors because of damp weather outside.  The kiddos didn’t seem to mind at all.  By the time they finished, they both had their buckets full to the top with eggs stuffed with the goodies that  Bethany filled them with.  They had a hard time setting still at dinner, filled with anticipation. It reminded me of Easters past when my children were small.  They were all decked out in blue and white outfits and people at church thought they looked so cute.


Spring is really here!  The trees are opening their blossoms and the spring bulbs are showing their beautiful colors everywhere reminding me of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  It is neat to put a dead bulb into the earth in the fall and see it come to life in the spring. Only God could create such beauty.  Happy Easter everyone!


Finally after having the walls spackled and bare for almost four months, we have paint on the walls!!  It looks so clean and fresh. Since it looks like different colors in both pictures, I will keep you guessing as to what color it actually is.  You will have to come see us to figure that out. Now I will paint the heaters and give them a fresh look.  We had much sanding and scraping to get the excess paint off.  We still have to refurbish the cupboards and put new back-splash up. Then, hopefully, next spring we will get the new floor.