The kitchen is progressing!  Thanks to Justin from our church, the ugly brown lights are gone and the new ceiling is up in four short hours!


A friend of mine brought me these pretty tulips last night when she came to Seniors Group here.  What a beautiful reminder that spring is really here even if the new snow storm has come late today.  My dad used to say that it was just poor man’s fertilizer. Must be the soil is pretty poor as we are getting quite a bit.


We took a day out and went to the Cleveland I – X Center to the Sewing & Quilt Expo.  It was  nice to get out and not have the work in front of us.  We would rather be at the Hershey Quilt Show as this one was more sewing than quilting and we thought the quality of quilts were better there than here.  None the less, we had a good time.  I made a Kleenex cover while Sonny rested.  Later we went to out to eat using a Christmas  gift card that had been given to us.  It was a very relaxing day. 


 There is slow steady progress being made in the kitchen.  Yesterday while I was nursing a sore throat and aching body, Sonny took down the old skylight covers from the ceiling.  Not, however before climbing up in the attic to see where everything was located and to see if there was loose insulation over them.  Thankfully there was not and there was glass over them.  The work over the cabinets is finished except for the plastering.
Today he is cutting the pieces for patching the holes.  Then come the rest of the electrical work with the lights.  We are getting help with them, hopefully.  I am enjoying the new lights over the sink and counters.  What a husband!!