Today was spent converting embroidery design formats for my new machine.   I have just been playing with the machine so far.  I figured out how to get the designs reformatted and into the machine from the computer.  Stitched one out that will go on the next quilt (not the design pictured).  I messed around most of yesterday with software that was not compatible with my machine.






We are back at it again.  This time it is the hall/entry that we are redoing.  We tore the first layer of wallpaper off and tomorrow we are renting a steamer to remove the next layer of it.  Then will come new ceiling lights and doors and trim.  It was a cold snowy day with whiteouts and blustery winds outside, so the mood hit me and I was off and running.  (Or I should say tearing)  Will is studying Finland, so they came over to collect some Finnish things and to experience the Sauna followed by a cold shower.  Even Abby tried it out, but didn’t last long, so we read a couple books.